Vinyasa Yoga classes in English with Deni
on Wednesday and Friday
from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

in Culture Institut of Plovdiv

Vinyasa Yoga coordinates movement and breath as a continuous, nurturing flow. Each asana (pose) followed by the other as a perpetual dance of the waves in the ocean.

Vinyasa Yoga helps gain strength and flexibility, maintain strong bones and muscles, improves metabolism, blood circulation and stimulates the inside organs. But Vinyasa offers a lot more than just the physical benefits. It is considered as a form of dynamic meditation in which every movement is connected to the breath. Calms the mind, increases the concentration and improves memory.

And what makes it a unique practice is the creativity. Each sequence leads the practitioner to a different world of emotions and health benefits. Connected in a certain way, a group of asanas can focus towards the hip opening, arm balances, stretching, twisting, chakra activation, mental awareness etc. which turns the practice to a journey towards the senses, to self, through self.

Denitsa Mitreva (Deni) is a Certified Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Yoga Teacher. Her journey with yoga begins many years ago while still in University, although her practice deepens in the last 5 years while living in Australia. In 2018 Deni travels to Bali, Indonesia to complete a Yoga Teacher Training.

„Over the years while working in an office environment, Yoga became a huge part of my life, that led to visiting numerous special classes, workshops and retreats in Australia, Indonesia and Bulgaria.

Yoga for me is a never ending journey, and I’m glad I can share the knowledge that was passed on to me from the great teachers I have come across during those 5 years. It has absolutely changed my life for good.

In my classes I’m striving to combine the interlaced effects of yoga with pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (poses) and meditation, hoping to help everyone in the room to take something for themselves; help relieve stress and unwind throughout the journey.“

Nowadays we rush through our days, always in a hurry, running errands and stressing over deadlines. Our minds are constantly trying to process all the information we stumble across every minute. Yoga offers a safe space, where you can sit quiet and feel the world within, unwind and relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the unique universe hiding inside. A whole new world full of dreams and beliefs, that is waiting to be discovered. And the creator of this world is you.

Price: 15 lеva
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